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What is this site?

This is a Blog site and social site for the homeowners of the PH Tucan Country Club & Resort, PH Mahogany, and PH Forest Towers. As we share lots of things in common, here we have a place where we can post announcements, comments, pictures, opinions, and even maintenance requests and reservations of the common areas. Anything that will help our community. We want to make a better Tucan.

This is a restricted site. It is only accessible to Homeowners or Renters of these properties. If you need access, you can request access through the Account Request page.

Since we speak multiple languages, we have integrated real-time translation technology into this site, so you can read and write everything in your preferred language. Just select the flag representing your language, and make it the default language for your posts. It is not perfect, but it enables better communication in a multi-language community like ours. If you want to help with the translation, click on the box under the flags, and you will have an opportunity to correct the automatic translation for everybody’s benefit.